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Thank you for visiting our website where we share our projects, our mission, and our personal stories of learning, laughing & loving.

The hands-on experiences we have through this foundation are so inspiring, healing and transformative, we take great effort to convey them to you with every available resource.

On behalf of the people who work under 3L Foundation's vision, we hope that you will find the same sense of connection and calling that we find in our work.

Learn, Laugh, Love

Our hearts are passionately engaged in service to those discarded souls deprived of kindness, hope and beauty.

It is our mission and our privilege to guide them so that they Learn how priceless and cherished they are; That they Laugh in joy and fellowship despite the decay that surrounds them; That they fear no risk of Love, given or received.

Our film, “The Art of Walking Barefoot” is being made!

Our Kickstarter campaign was successful and our film effort has been funded! We are now in pre-production and will be heading to Thailand next month to begin principal photography. We are grateful to everyone on you that has made this film happen and we couldn't have done it without you! We hope you will follow us through our blog in our filming efforts in Thailand with production information, pictures, video updates from our location shoots and interaction with the crew.

Join us by clicking here to go to our blog entire for "The Art of Walking Barefoot"