3L Foundation


We are particularly excited to offer this new way of giving to LEARNING LAUGHING & LOVING!

Currently, the 3L Foundation’s main focus is the children of the CPDC Village. We have personally spent many months with the children to understand their lives and needs at the CPDC Village. These needs range from simple day to day necessities, to the very special, like a "day out at the beach". We wanted to offer you, our supporter, a new and different way to give to the advancement of the 3L mission. In other words, we want you to pick exactly how and what you give to the children.

In addition, the construction of 3L's new Dining Sala for the CPDC Village is nearing completion, we are in need of MANY items to furnish this special building. Tables, chairs, utensils, refrigeration, the list goes on and on!

Below, you will find two sections of items "for sale". In the first section are items still needed for the dining sala and are necessary for its operation. You can call it our "3L Wish List", fitting for the season! Each item is accompanied by a photo of the existing equipment that your generous purchases will replace with new, modern, adequate resources.

For the story of 3L's dining sala for the CPDC, click here.

In the second section, you will find more of the ongoing, day to day items we need for the children. We call it our "3L Gifts" as each brings our mission of learning, laughing, or loving to fruition for these deserving kids.

There is something simply incredible to be said about the act of giving. We find it even more incredible to GIVE IN GIFT.

SO, we invite you to see all the different and unique ways you can directly touch the lives of those in need.

Take your time, shop around! Choose the gifts that speak to you, and come from the heart. It's the best way to give!

We hope you will find it as easy as buying a book online, but more rewarding than you can imagine!

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