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The Flip Flop Project is a unique, two part program. It’s a small gesture that carries itself for many miles- literally. Each child that enters the CPDC village to live is given a new pair of flip flops in their favorite color. For these kids,  it might be the first pair of shoes they have owned. Most certainly, the first NEW pair of shoes they have worn.

The second part of the project is an outreach program . Many people in Thailand make a living walking the streets selling peanuts, hardboiled eggs, Somtam ( a delicious Thai papaya salad), and sifting through garbage bins looking for anything they can recycle. These hardworking men, women, and children spend each and everyday on their feet, clocking miles upon miles until they sell all their inventory. For them, the bare necessities are a challenge to meet . A good pair of quality flip flops or shoes is seen as luxury, and not viable.

This is where the 3L Foundation wants to help.  We will purchase the best quality flip flops available here in Thailand, either Gambol or Kito,  and give them both to the children at the village, and throughout Pattaya.

Its just that simple. A small act of kindness.