3L Foundation


Pam along with a passion for our work in Thailand also brings a sharp business acumen to the foundation. Pam is the sole owner of six successful pizzerias: Proto’s Pizza in Colorado and Idaho. She has lived in Boulder Colorado since 1990.

“One day back in 2007 Ashley asked me if I would like to travel to Thailand and visit an orphanage she and her family had visited many times over the years when she was growing up. I agreed thinking at the very least it would be a fun trip to Thailand.  I was moved by the children at the orphanage. I was also awakened to the reality of what Pattaya Thailand has become. Among this beautiful culture lies so much suffering. The slums, the children living on the streets, the human trafficking. I could not leave and forget. These twenty square miles are my calling and I willingly accept. I am committed to helping those in greatest need, whether in my local community or 12 timezones away.”